concretE galoshes








to all of you out there

Today is September 5th 2018

If you wish to sacrifice some of your civil liberties today

you may put on a pair of Concrete Galoshes before dark and wear them until at least one hour after sunset.

The longer you wear them, the greater the power will be to thwart any approaching hurricanes.



Plastic Form Cement Shoe

Plastic form concrete galosh

2010 cement galosh

2010 concrete galosh

        So what are these dudes doing by putting their feet in Wet Concrete Anyways?


             I would think that this is a good question, but I am not sure you will like the answer.


                                          I have a question for you...How strong is your will?


We are not sacrificing anyone for the hope of good crops this year, we are just sacrificing several hours of our time to be uncomfortable and show that we are not "all for me minded" and forgo the material aspects of our lives for the possible benefit of others.


Concrete Galoshes Day is not just a novelty to film and post on YouTube, it is a legacy that is needed to be passed down to teach a discipline of sacrifice for the public good,


it is not intended to be torture or any sort of masochistic endeavor, the small amount of pain and inconvenience is meant to be an alchemical transmutation for the betterment of mankind.